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Best Nail Salons in Topeka

Best Nail Salons in Topeka

There are plenty of nail salons across the state, but when looking for the best nail salons in Topeka, how do you know who to trust? Whether you are looking for a manicure, pedicure, polish, paint, gel, acrylic, we have listed the best nail salons in Topeka so that you can get pampered with confidence.

Best Topeka Nail Salon

When it comes to the best nail salon in Topeka, you will get a different answer from everyone. Topeka has an abundance of nail salons with its own roster of loyal clientele. However, if you are new in town or maybe looking for a new nail salon, check out our list.

Best Nail Salon in Westbridge Mall

Cali Pronails

1801 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

We found that the most highly rated and best nail salon in Westbridge Mall was elegant nails. They have over 110 Google Business reviews and an average of 3.6 stars. 

Alternatively, you can check out:

Elegant Nails

1801 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

Elegant nails are also based at the Westbridge Mall. They have 65 reviews at 3.5 stars on their Google Business listing.

Best Nail Salon with wheelchair access: Happy Nails Spa

1920 SW Wanamaker Rd #120, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

Happy Nails Spa, located in Prestige Plaza Topeka, KS, is one of the city’s most highly regarded nail salons. They have over 300 reviews on Google Business, Averaging 3.9 stars. They are renowned for having excellent wheelchair access and friendly staff who are always happy to go above and beyond to help their clientele. 

Sunset nails and Spa Topeka KS

2603 SW 21st St C, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

You can find Sunset nails and Spa in Plaza 21 Topeka. They have a massive 4.5 average rating on Google Business from their 120+ reviews. They are recognized within their reviews for being clean, professional, kind, and talented in their craft. 

Simply Nails

2400 SW 29th St Ste 120A, Topeka, KS 66611, United States

Simply nails claim to be fully booked on their website at the moment, but we recommend giving them a call if you are interested in a set of nails. They are by appointment only and boast a fantastic view from their salon. All nail services are provided by the owner Carrie in a one-on-one setting. With no disturbances from other customers or the hustle and bustle of a busy salon. This 

Affinity Hair and Nails

Fleming Place, 1045 SW Gage Blvd, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

Affinity Hair and Nails are a one-stop-shop for all your beauty and pampering needs found in the Gage Shopping Center. As the name suggests, you can have more than just your manicure & pedicure taken care of here. They have 4.5 stars amongst 70+ reviews. 

Beauty Nails Lounge

400 SW 29th St suite l, Topeka, KS 66611, United States

You can find beauty Nails Lounge at the Country Club Shopping Center. They have 4.2 stars averaging 71 reviews on their Google Business page. 

Their recent reviews highlight the attention to detail and ensuring satisfaction from their clientele. Beauty Nails Lounge seems to be doing it right in a workplace where friendly and professional interaction is paramount to a happy transaction.

Essentia Salon & Spa

5900 SW Huntoon St Suite A2, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

When it comes to luxury pampering, Essentia Salon & Spa are in a class of their own. They have 120+ Google Business reviews, averaging 4.8 stars out of 5. That means nearly every single review has been five stars! What an exceptional track record. 

Essentia covers hair care & color, nail care, facials, hydra facials, and lash lift and tints. If you want a one-stop-shop to get yourself ready for a big event or simply for a treat, Essentia is happy to oblige. 

Infinity nails

2121 SW Wanamaker Rd STE 109, Topeka, KS 66614, United States

Infinity Nails make some bold claims when taking care of your nail needs. They are found at Brookfield Plaza and have over 200 reviews on their Google Business page. 

It is best to let them speak for themselves, and you can be the judge. This is what their website has to say:

“Starting with the passion for nail art, more than anyone, we understand your needs are to be pampered with the best nail treatments in a peaceful and cozy space. We want to be a destination where you could relax and enjoy the tranquil time from a busy working day.”

Nail World Topeka

1570 SW Wanamaker Rd Ste 200, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

You can find Nail World Topeka at the Plaza West Healthcare & Rehab Center. They offer Nail, Waxing, and party services. Whether you are visiting alone or with a group of friends, you can be sure they are up to the job of making your beauty treatment special. They have over 110 reviews on their Google Business page and an average of 3.9 stars.

Here are some other nail salons in Topeka:

Super Nails

2919 SW Wanamaker Rd Ste H, Topeka, KS 66614, United States

California Nail Salon

5405 SW 21st St, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

Regal Nails, Salon and Spa

1501 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka, KS 66604, United States

Tips 2 Toes

1930 NW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, KS 66608, United States

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