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Axe Throwing in Topeka

Axe Throwing in Topeka

Axe throwing in Topeka is a fun and exhilarating new trend based on an ancient sport and skill. Axes have been used since prehistoric times by hunters and gatherers. I can imagine if I was a hunter and my quarry was just out of arm’s reach, I may find myself tempted to try my luck by throwing my axe. However, axes were not disposable and took a long time to craft before the dawn of the industry. Practicing Axe Throwing by standing 5 to 10 meters back from the target and giving it your best shot was a sure-fire way not just to increase your accuracy and success as a hunter, but it could be fun too!

In recent years we have seen axe-throwing venues crop up worldwide. The USA, in particular, has taken quite a liking to this trend, and there are now three axe-throwing venues in Topeka.

Best Topeka axe throwing venue: Axe and Ale

115th SE 6th Ave, Topeka, KS 66603, United States

Mixing alcohol and axes seems like a match made in Valhalla, and it is safe to say that is the aesthetic that Axe and Ale are going for. The mix of the two seems to fit well. The staff has a firm rule that only three drinks are allowed during an axe-throwing session to prioritize all patrons and staff safety. You will also find that complete axe throwing training is provided to allow for a safe and successful evening of fun.

You can also bring your own axe along to Axe and Ale, providing the blade is covered upon entry and inspected by the staff. If you are looking for a custom axe of your own, you can check out xxx they specialize in nordic weapons and tools.

Axe and Ale have an average rating of 4.8 stars on Google Business, averaged out across their 90+ reviews.  

Topeka axe throwing and more: Odin’s Lair

921 N Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66608, United States

In keeping with the Norse theme of axe throwing, Odin’s Lair is another prime location to learn the sport. Odin’s Lair is located within the NOTO Arts Centre. Odin’s Lair does not only offers axe throwing, but it also has traditional throwing knives and is eager to teach newcomers how to hit the bullseye. They offer everything from shared lane throwing at $10 per hour to rent out the entire premise for a large group party/function. They even provide a $200 discount on a three-hour booking if you cater with one of the NOTO restaurants. 

Odin’s Lair is an affordable, fun, and exciting place to be. They have 33 reviews on their Google Business page that average 4.8 stars. That’s almost a perfect score!

So there you have it, it’s a shame there are only two options, but the good news is that they are both prevalent and have the reviews to back them up. Axe throwing can suit all occasions, whether it be a date, birthday party, work function, or just something new to break up the bar-hopping routine on a Friday night.

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