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About Us

Topeka is a big place, and with so many things going on it can be difficult to find the perfect place just for you. Constantly switching between different websites and spending more time than you should just to find that venue can be time-consuming and tedious.

Our Purpose

To combat this problem, we spent tons of our time looking for a local directory. A directory that gave us all the information we needed when we were going out, wanted something done, or needed to contact someone. After plenty of hours doing research, we realized that there wasn’t a good directory for the Topeka area that was truly worth your time.

Nobody should have to sit there and scan the web just to find that place they went to but forgot the name of. So many of these websites don’t capture what you’re really looking for, especially when it comes to figuring out where to visit and what you should look at.

Navigate Easily

At, we’re here to fix that problem. Our directory intends to bring the Topeka community together in one place with a modern feeling that makes life easier.

We provide the ability for business owners to create listings completely for free in minutes. Along with an integrated UI that makes contacting and locating these places simple. No more jumping through hoops just to find what you need in the city.

A place for visitors and businesses alike is a platform where businesses, locals, and tourists can interact. Whether that be a restaurant owner showing off amazing dishes, or a commuter wanting to try something new. Providing something just for you is our main priority.

To find out more about how businesses and guests work, you can view our onboarding page here.

Want to contact us? Feel free to do so on our contact page.